Serious About The Music - Deidre Bentley

By: Amelia Tritico

             Deidre Bentley was practically born into the music business.  She’s been singing since she started talking, and her dad had her in a recording studio by the time she was 11 years old.  Music is just a part of Deidre, so she couldn’t imagine doing anything else with her life.

            Bentley’s story is a little different, however, in that she’s been married since she was 16, and she’s been a mother just as long.  In fact, being a mother impacts what she sings and how she sings. 

            “I’m picky about what I sing because my songs are heard and learned by my kids,” Bentley said.  “I just won’t cuss in my songs because of this.”

            Bentley chooses to focus on a more positive energy when she writes and sings.  One of her main influences is God, and she says that being baptized last year made a big difference for her.

            Bentley has been working hard for the past year now to get her name back out there.  After a stint singing with Better than Beautyful, she decided to go solo again, and focus on her passion.

            “When I was little, I used to fight with my dad in the recording studio.  He was always super serious about what we were doing, and I just wanted to have fun,” she laughed.  “Since I’ve been working hard over this past year, though, we don’t fight anymore.  We just get in the studio and get things done.”

            Bentley’s father, Kenny Lee, would just love to see his daughter succeed with her dreams.

            “Deidre had a record deal when she was 16,” Kenny said.  “I couldn’t wait to surprise her with the news, but then she surprised me with the news that she was pregnant!  It broke my heart for her because I knew how badly she wanted a record deal.”

Deidre couldn’t be happier about the way things have turned out, though.  She has two beautiful daughters, a supportive husband and is continuing to make her dreams come true in the music business. 

Deidre has never stopped writing though, during the past eight years, so she has a wealth of material to work with as she steps back into the recording studio.  She recently recorded the song, “Crazy Over You,” which she wrote for her husband.  The song is available on her self-titled EP along with three other songs that she feels really good about.

Along with spending time in the recording studio, Deidre has also dipped into the music video realm with the song, “3 Chain Road.”  The video can be seen on her myspace page at, or by clicking the left photo.

With such an incredibly powerful voice and sweet conviction, Deidre is sure to be a force with which to be reckoned.  She is currently working on recording a full-length album in Nashville and asks her fans to “Stay tuned…” because good things are happening for this amazing artist. 

For more information, Deidre can be found on, Facebook, and Twitter. To purchase her self-titled EP, check out, or click the photo below to go to her site.





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